Code of Conduct

Each member of the board and any participating vendor or artist is obligated to sign this Code of Conduct each festival year.

1) Code of Conduct Policy

1.1 This Code of Conduct Policy addresses the Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games (Festival) commitment to a safe and respectful workplace as well as addressing and reporting prohibiting acts of bribery, theft and corruption.

1.2 Accordingly, all Festival volunteers, agents, representatives, businesses, suppliers, distributors, consultants, partners, and anyone else doing business for or associated with Festival’s name, are required to comply fully with this Policy.

2) Definitions

2.1 Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games – otherwise known as the “Festival” herein.

2.2 Festival Representative (aka Representative) – Is defined herein as any volunteer (including Board Members), employee(s), consultant, contractor and or subcontractor associated with or working for the Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games.

2.3 Vendors - Are defined herein as any contractor, supplier, retail operator, food vendor (caterer), providing any service or concessions at the Kincardine Scottish Festival in person, on site/remotely, virtually/online. This extends to any Vendor employees, representatives, associates and or members of the public who claim to represent or act on behalf of any Vendor in any capacity.

2.4 Games Representative – Are defined as any Representative organising, competing, officiating, judging and or representing any organisation competing, officiating, or judging at the Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games.

2.5 Parties – Is defined as all Festival Representatives, Vendors and Games Representatives collectively.

3) Purpose
The purpose of this Policy is to:

3.1 Set out the responsibilities of all Parties and those associated with them in observing and upholding the Festival’s Code of Conduct.

3.2 Emphasise the Festival’s zero tolerance of abuse and or harassment of any kind, whether it be in person, in writing, or virtually/online at any time and for any reason.

3.3 Emphasise the Festival’s zero tolerance of bribery and corruption, with any breach of the Festival’s Policy which (if applicable) may result in employee disciplinary action and/or notifying the authorities.

3.4 Emphasise the Festival’s promotion and expectations of professional and ethical behaviour from all parties.

4) Code of Conduct - Behaviour

4.1 This Policy covers members of the Public engaging in all Festival volunteers, agents,  representatives, business partners, suppliers, distributors, consultants, contractors,  vendors and anyone else doing business with for or associated with the Festival name and  collectively the Parties.    

4.2 The Parties are responsible for conducting themselves and holding themselves  accountable to the highest standards of business conduct, ethics and must ensure all  interactions with fellow Representatives, Vendors, and Games Representatives and  members of the Public are conducted with the highest level of professionalism, dignity,  and respect at all times.

4.3 All parties are to conduct themselves respectfully, truthfully, and professionally in a  manner that does not harm and/or interfere with the lawful operation of the Festival.

4.4 All Representatives are responsible for conducting themselves respectfully by this Code  of Conduct whether on or off the Festival premises and throughout the scheduled dates of  the Festival weekend.  

4.5 All parties agree not to disclose or release any Festival documentation correspondence  verbally or in writing whether solicited or unsolicited, in person or online without the  prior written approval of the Kincardine Scottish Festival Board.

4.6 Any breach of this Policy may constitute a disciplinary, contractual and even criminal  prosecution for the individual or individuals concerned and may cause serious damage to  the reputation and standing of the Festival, its representatives, and the local community.

4.7 The Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games has established principles to ensure  that, at all times, working conditions in its operation and the operations of others are  conducted safely and professionally, workers and volunteers are treated with dignity and  respect, and that all Parties' operations and interactions (including those with the Public) are conducted in a respectful, lawful, ethical, and when applicable environmentally conscious way.

4.8 Any of the parties listed in this Code of Conduct conducting or participating in any  business outside of the park gates do so at their own risk and liability. The Festival is not  responsible or liable for any festival representative or Public member participating in or  operating in any activities outside of the park gates. This includes any damages to  person(s), property or self, whether on public or private property. All Representatives  agree that the Festival will be held harmless from any liability associated with any  person(s) behaviour and/or conduct and/or any damages to person(s) and/or property  outside of the park gates.  

4.9 All Parties are expected to acknowledge and agree to act in alignment with this Code of  Conduct by:

4.9.1 Ensuring all Parties and those associated with them or representing them in any  capacity are familiar with this Code of Conduct, act consistently with it, and do  not contribute to its breach by any of the Parties or their representatives.

4.9.2 As applicable, ensure their business operations comply with the laws, statutes and  regulations of each jurisdiction in which they operate.

4.9.3 Committing to the ethical and responsible treatment of all individuals, including  with respect to workplace health and safety, employment standards, labour regulation, compensation, non-discrimination, harassment, bullying and human rights.

4.9.4 The Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games is proud to promote and  uphold a commitment to an inclusive and diverse festival and work environment.

4.9.5 Conducting business in an environmentally responsible way.

4.9.6 Ensuring that their sourcing of goods and services in no way directly or indirectly  results in non-compliance with this Code of Conduct and that their own Vendors  and Sub-Contractors conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws and  consistently with this Code of Conduct.

5) Zero Tolerance Abuse, Harassment and Bullying

5.1 The Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games is a volunteer-run festival and has a  zero tolerance of abuse, harassment and or bullying of any kind made towards any individual, Festival, Games or Band Representative.

5.2 The Festival expects all Parties to comply with and enforce this Policy. All Parties are to  take all reasonable steps to safeguard the welfare of others and to report any forms of  abuse and or harassment to the Event Management Office or the local authorities if  appropriate.  

5.3 The Kincardine Scottish Festival considers harassment to include all forms of unwelcome  verbal, physical and visual conduct and displays which interfere with performance and/or  create an offensive or hostile environment, whether in person or online (on social media)  or on the internet.  

5.4 Harassment can take many forms. The following are some examples that may constitute  harassment: verbal harassment such as jokes, epithets, slurs and unwelcome remarks,  derogatory comments, discussions of or harassing remarks, posting harmful or false  information on social media sites or the internet, or repeated unwanted communications  via text, messaging, computer, or email.

5.5 Any person(s) or social media communities posting or hosting and facilitating the posting  of false information on its site which is in breach of this Policy may be reported to the  relevant authorities and may be subject to criminal prosecution or other legal recourse.  

5.6 To maintain the integrity of information dissemination and foster a trustworthy  environment, any individual or entity found disseminating fake news, misinformation, or  false information shall be subject to immediate banishment from participating in any  future games.  

5.7 Should a person or group's conduct contravene this policy in any way, the individual  including the group and or association they represent may be expelled from participation  and or competition a the Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games without  payment and or compensation. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure all participants  and attendees uphold this policy.

6) Review of Procedures

6.1 Festival Representatives and those working for or on behalf of the Festival are  encouraged to contact any Board Member with any suggestions, comments or feedback  that they may have on how these procedures may be improved.

6.2 The Festival reserves the right to amend and update this Policy as required. Any breach  may result in disciplinary action being taken, up to and including dismissal.

7) Commitment

7.1 This Policy will be communicated to all representatives to confirm the Festival's  commitment to meeting all relevant requirements. It will be reviewed following changes  to legislation and/or identification of risks. In all other cases, it will be reviewed  annually.

If you are involved in this year's festival you are obligated to submit a signed copy of this form to the board representatives via